Eramosa Limestone

With a significant grain pattern, Eramosa Limestone is very unique and instantly recognizable.

Eramosa Limestone, with its unique and pronounced fleuri pattern, accepts a variety of different finishes very well.

Textural contrast can be achieved by sandblasting or bush hammering Eramosa. The rougher finishes are generally specified for exterior panels and vertical panels. Compared to other limestone, Eramosa is a very durable and long lasting.

Eramosa Limestone is a hard Class 3 limestone that is well suited to both interior and exterior applications. Eramosa Limestone ranges in colour from a light grey to a very dark brown depending on surface finish, and takes a very high polished finished easily.

Limestone being a natural product will always vary in both colour and texture.


Eramosa Limestone Finishes

Fleuri Cut

Bush Hammered Finish

Honed Finish

Polished Finish

Smooth Sanded Finish

Also available: Antique Polished, Antique Honed, Sandblasted, Natural Cleft

Vein Cut

Honed Finish

Polished Finish

Smooth-Sanded Finish

Split-Face Finish

Also available: Antique Polished, Antique Honed, Sandblasted, Bush Hammered, Rock Face

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