Locally quarried in Owen Sound,
Wiarton and Hope Bay

Owen Sound Ledgerock Ltd., often called Ledgerock, is a limestone extraction and stone cutting company. Established in 1958, Ledgerock is one of the most complete quarrying and fabricating companies in North America. The company currently operates four quarries in Southwestern Ontario which yield some of the world's most spectacular limestone. Ledgerock is the leading producer of Eramosa Marble / Limestone, Algonquin Limestone, Hope Bay Limestone and Mara Limestone products.
For more than sixty years, Ledgerock has supplied stone throughout the world for a wide array of commercial, residential and landscaping projects. The company's state-of-the-art facilities combined with our technical drafting and project management expertise allows us to undertake any size of project.
Imagine it; we can help you build it.
Photo features the Kitchener Public Library with Algonquin Limestone Tile flooring.

Stone Types

Owen Sound Ledgerock quarries over 12 different types of stone, available in a vairety of finishes, applications and cuts. Our stone is quarried, cut, and finished at one of our three quarry locations in Owen Sound, Wiarton and Hope Bay.

Eramosa Limestone

With a significant grain pattern, Eramosa Limestone is very unique and instantly recognizable. This high density limestone is well suited to both interior and exterior applications.


Algonquin Limestone

Featuring an earthy brown tone and moderate vein patterning, Algonquin Limestone is a medium density limestone that is well suited to virtually any project, both interior and exterior.


Hope Bay Limestone™

Featuring a mainly white colour with flecks of green throughout, Hope Bay™ limestone projects portray a modern, clean look. Hope Bay™ limestone is quarried on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula.


Our limestone products are available in a variety of our stone types and finishes.

Stone Tile

Owen Sound Ledgerock utilizes the latest technology to make flooring tiles in any size and quantity required. Many stone types are available in various finishes.


Full Bed Veneer

Full bed veneer is a modular unit that gives your projects a formal look at a competitive price.



Stone steps are a natural choice when it comes to landscaping any outdoor area. Options can create a rustic or modern appearance.

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Natural Bed Ledgerock – Wiarton Brown and Grey