Strata Limestone is a “pockmark” laden, undulating material that shows both the character and imperfection of stone. It is primarily used as retaining walls and wall stone material.

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Description: Consistent in colour and pattern.
Colour: Buff or Grey Colour
Finishes: Natural, Split Faced, Sawn
Applications: Exterior, Interior
Products: Veneer, Panels, Wall stone, Retaining Walls, Planter Edging
Maximum Vein Cut Width: n/a
Minimum Vein Cut Thickness: n/a
Maximum Fleuri/Vein Length: 96”
Maximum Fleuri Width: 48”

ASTM Physical Test Results
Absorption by Weight C97 - 1.10%
Density C97 - 168.6 lbs/ cu.ft
Compressive Strength C170 - 6,043 psi
Modulus of Rupture C99 - 1,039 psi
Abrasion Resistance C241 - n/a


Limestone being a natural product will always vary in both colour and texture.