Mara is often polished for counter tops and flooring or it can be “split faced” and used as wall stone. When honed or polished, the stone has a “mottled”, inconsistent appearance. This high density dolomite is made into polished marble or split into wall stone. The marble is light grey-brown with modulations of subtle blues and greens. Mara can take a high polish. Mara wall stone has a definite grey-green appearance with earthy rust colours intermittent throughout.

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Description: Inconsistent subtle “mottled” look. No discernible veining, pattern consistent throughout.
Colour: Variation of Green and Brown Tones Hints of Blue and Grey undertones
Finishes: Polished, Honed, Sandblasted, Smooth Sanded, Bush-hammered finishesApplications: Exterior, Interior
Products: Tiles, Slabs, Panels, Wall Stone
Maximum Vein Cut Width: n/a
Minimum Vein Cut Thickness: n/a
Maximum Fleuri/Vein Length: 110” Call for Updates
Maximum Fleuri Width: 72” Call for Updates

ASTM Physical Test Results
Absorption by Weight C97 - 0.95%
Density C97 - 172 lbs/ cu.ft
Compressive Strength C170 - 24,372 psi
Modulus of Rupture C99 - 2,804
Abrasion Resistance C241 - n/a
Flexural Strength C880 - n/a

Limestone being a natural product will always vary in both colour and texture.