Eramosa Limestone, due to its unique and pronounced fleuri pattern, accepts a variety of different finishes very well. It is originates from the Wiarton – Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada region and is not known to exist anywhere else throughout the world. Owen Sound (quarried) Limestone is a variation of the Eramosa Limestone but is sold as a natural surface top and bottom. Wiarton Eramosa Limestone wall stone is sold with a sawn top and bottom.

Textural contrast can be achieved by sandblasting flaming or bush hammering Eramosa. The rougher finishes are generally specified for exterior panels and vertical panels. Comparatively to other stone, Eramosa is a very durable and long lasting limestone.

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Description: Distinct appearance due to lively fleuri and heavy veining
Colour: Dark to light brown with black undertones
Finishes: Honed, Polished, Sandblasted, Smoothsanded, Bush-hammered / Flamed (Fleuri only)                    Applications: Exterior, Interior
Products: Tiles, Slabs, Wall Stone, Panels, Pavers
Maximum Vein Cut Width: 24”
Minimum Vein Cut Thickness: 1/2”
Maximum Fleuri/Vein Length: 110”
Maximum Fleuri Width: 50”
Comments: Often referred to as “Mosa”, “Tiger-stripe”, “Eramosa Marble”, “Magic Brown Marble"

ASTM Physical Test Results
Absorption by Weight C97 - 0.5%
Density C97 - 170.4 lbs/ cu.ft
Compressive Strength C170 - 30,508 psi
Modulus of Rupture C99 - 1900 psi
Abrasion Resistance C241 - Not Tested 


Limestone being a natural product will always vary in both colour and texture.