Hope Bay Limestone has an inconsistent “cloud-like” patterning (fleuri cut). Vein Cut material has a similar patterning but has a noticeably thick and subtle veining pattern. Hope Bay Limestone is an excellent choice for exterior applications: split face wall stone applications illustrate the stone’s vibrant, crisp white look while honed exterior wall panels demonstrate the inconsistent, rich hues of natural stone.

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Description: Stone has small inconsistent natural pitting and holes 1/16th “ to 1/8th ” in size
Colour: Cream colour with a range of green, blue, grey or brown undertones.
Finishes: Split Faced
Applications: Exterior, Interior
Products: Wall Stone, Interior Veneer
Maximum Vein Cut Width: 10.5”
Minimum Vein Cut Thickness: 2.25”
Maximum Fleuri/Vein Length: Call for Updates
Maximum Fleuri Width: 36” - Call for Updates
Comments: Often considered a substitute for Arriscraft stone

ASTM Physical Test Results
Absorption by Weight C97 - 2.49%
Density C97 - 154.8 lbs/ cu.ft
Compressive Strength C170 - 12,387 psi
Modulus of Rupture C99 - 855 psi


Limestone being a natural product will always vary in both colour and texture.